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November 2005 - Classified Ads



ALWAYS a large selection of old original porcelain signs. Auto, Gas and Oil, Country Store, etc. Call 978-939-5053. 1105W

HOT Off the Press: New poster showing approximately 50 vintage gas pump globes. Great size of approximately 12”x17”, wonderful colors, heavy paper, glossy. Shipped in heavy mailing tube, $10.00 includes shipping. Don Sherwood, P.O. Box 567, Torrance, CA 90508. Looks cool framed or as a gift! 11/05W

ORIGINAL glass cylinder "Mae West" size 13 5/8 X 22 1/2" in excellent condition $650 firm. UNRESTORED French "GEX" gasoline pump; Older style 9 wheel computers; older style 6 wheel Veeder Root computers; boxes of wheels for Veeder Root computers. Making parts for Canadian EcoMeter clock-face pump. Let me know what you need. Greg Fortin 1-810-695-1237 call 7 to 11 PM, M-F, EST or anytime weekends. Email 1105W

OIL BOTTLES: Mobil war jar with Pegasus, Johnson Oil Co. “Brilliant Bronze” war jar, En-Ar-Co four quarts with four bottle rack, Iso-Vis, Polarine, Tiolene, Town Talk, Penn, Corona “Keep ‘em Flying” war jar with airplane, over 200 to choose from. PORCELAIN SIGNS: Conoco Royal pair #10, Pure Premium #9.50, Sweeney “Gold Coin” Deep Blue, 14”x14”, #9.85, New Ideas Farm Equipment, 24x36, NOS. Send SASE for free list to Ron Throckmorton, 2650 Ossenfort Rd., Wildwood, MO 63038, 636-458-3577 (Days). 1105W

MOBIL Service station customer metal file cabinet, 15x10x7 with Pegasus logo and card files, nice, $63; Husky Oil quart can, no lids, seam opened, otherwise nice field condition, $77; Shellzone Snowman Antifreeze paper window sign with cans and info., NOS, $110. Call Scott Peterson, The Oil Baron, 218-348-0378. 1105W

MOBIL shields – have three 56” double-sided signs in good to very good condition, $500-$950. Will deal on package for all. Standard Oil Nebraska porcelain flange signs, white $450, blue $425. Dave DeRosear, Hastings, NE. 402-463-3207, 1105W


ABSOLUTELY highest cash prices paid for old porcelain enamel advertising signs. Looking for collections large or small. Call 978-939-5053. 1105W

CAPCO globe bodies in white and colors needed for a few of my lenses. ORIGINALS ONLY!! Decent ones please & send pictures/condition & price to: Steve Lynch 2401 Laurel Dr. Burley, Idaho 83318 or 208-678-1201 evenings MST or email at 1105W

JOHNSON Oil Company items wanted. Anything from “giveaways” and paper to globes, signs and pumps. Chicago based company used the names Brilliant Bronze, Joreco, Winged 70 and Johnson Time Tells Gasoline. Top dollar paid. Will also trade. Call Jeff Johnson @770-683-1972 or e-mail 1105W

TWO Pure maps – 1930s Southeastern states, one compliments of Sherrill Oil Co., one compliments of Shaw Bros. Oil Co. Charles Wells, 6533 Monnett Rd., Climax, NC 27223, 336-674-6254. 1105W

BENNETT #76 pump made exclusively for Sohio. Tim Rowland, Goober's Station, 10569 Price St. N.E., Alliance, Ohio 44601, phone: 330-935-0362. 1105W

PAYING top dollar for Wayne 50 display pump. Thank you, Greg Fortin 1-810-695-1237, 1105W

OVAL Globes – Vahey, Me-Tee-Or, Instant, Peerless, HX, Starfire, Simonson and the Shamrock without red bands. Have ovals to trade or sell. Wes Holliday, 800-788-3969 daytime or 1105W


BEELINE Diesel and Mobilgas Special and Frontier "Rarin' to Go" --- 13 1/2 inch lenses. Send pictures/condition & price to: Steve Lynch 2401 Laurel Dr. Burley, Idaho 83318 or 208-678-1201 evenings MST or email at 1105W


LARGE upright slot machines wanted like Mills Dewey/Chicago or any Caille Model from around the turn of the century. Single and doubles unit machines wanted!!!!!!!!! Send pictures/condition & price to: Steve Lynch 2401 Laurel Dr. Burley, Idaho 83318 or 208-678-1201 evenings MST or email at 1105W

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