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ALWAYS a large selection of old original porcelain signs. Auto, Gas and Oil, Country Store, etc. Call 978-939-5053. 904W

UNRESTORED French "GEX" gasoline pump; large cast iron pre visible Rapidayton (V-50) gasoline pump. Parting out two Wayne 60 wide body computer pumps (many parts still available). Please call or e-mail with needs. Older style 9 wheel computers; older style 6 wheel Veeder Root computers; boxes of wheels for Veeder Root computers. Making parts for Canadian EcoMeter clock-face pump-let me know what you need. Greg Fortin 1-810-695-1237 call 7 to 11 PM, M-F EST or anytime weekends. E-mail 904W

THREE restored Tokheim 36B gas pumps Sinclair HC, Gulf and Mobilgas. Also Wayne 60 and National A-38, several unrestored pumps available. 330-343-6883. 904W

1966 Seloil Roll-a-Door oil cabinet, Model Rd48, good shape, $400; 1927 American Visible 120 gal. gas pump, Model 1327, 99% there, good shape, $550; antique Champion Spark Plug Cleaner, $150; Skelly all glass Supreme globe, $550; Sinclair Dino globe, $325; Wayne visible gas pump, 10- gal., all original, restored. L.H. Green, 4320 Trier Rd., Ft. Wayne, IN 46815, 260-483-9130, 904W

ONE Piece Globe Sale: Waverly etched, $2500; Parco etched, $3000; Marland etched, $3800; Brant Red Hat etched, $12,000; Van-Pick etched, $3000; Lion etched, $1250; Diamond (outlined large diamond) etched, $1750; Simms baked, $1600; Sheroils baked, $1900; Pierce Pennant, etched, $4500; Derby etched, $3000. Bruce 863-675-8728 Fla, free shipping. 904W

CONOCO Anti Squeak crayons, dozen, mint in original box, probably 1930s, great display piece, $50; Onthanks Auto Polish, deco looking bottle, paper label, Des Moines, IA, $20; Amoco Oil change stickers, oval logo, $3; Conoco cast iron pole base, embossed triangle logo, $175. Ed Natale, Box 222, Wyckoff, NJ 07481. 904W


ABSOLUTELY highest cash prices paid for old porcelain enamel advertising signs. Looking for collections large or small. Call 978-939-5053. 904W

ORIGINAL Roman parts. Greg Fortin, 5052 Green Meadows Dr., Grand Blanc, MI 48439, 1-810-695-1237, 1104W

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