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May 2004 - Classified Ads



ALWAYS a large selection of old original porcelain signs. Auto, Gas and Oil, Country Store, etc. Call 978-939-5053. 504W

UNION Oil Postcards - one lot of over 200 cards from the 1930's and 1940's. Great starter set. Please call for detailed list. $350 plus shipping. Terry Kelley, TX, 830-336-4720 or 504W

PARTING out two Wayne 60 wide body computer pumps (many parts still available). Please call or email with needs. Older style 9 wheel computers. Older style 6 wheel Veeder Root computers. Boxes of wheels for Veeder Root computers. Making parts for Canadian EcoMeter clock face pump-let me know what you need. Greg Fortin 1-810-695-1237 call 7 to 11 PM, M-F EST or anytime weekends. Email 504W

I'M offering at 1/2 price, my new watercolor print, "Kehne's Gulf Service Station" to all Petroleum Collectable's members. Visit my web page to view at: http/ Please send by mail, $25 check and mention this ad to: Carroll Kehne, 425 Web Foot Lane, Stevensville, MD 21666. 504W

HOT Off the Press: New poster showing approximately 50 vintage gas pump globes. Great size of approximately 12”x17”, wonderful colors, heavy paper, glossy. Shipped in heavy mailing tube, $11.99 each, plus $3.00 shipping. Send $14.99 to Don Sherwood, P.O. Box 567, Torrance, CA 90508. Looks cool framed or as a gift! 504W

SUNOCO #1 1931 International tanker, “Phila” JLE GB4102, MIB, $175.00 plus shipping. Bob Filar, 512 Donna Circle, Broomall, PA 19008, phone 610-353-4385, e-mail RFILAR@WEBTV.NET. 504W


ABSOLUTELY highest cash prices paid for old porcelain enamel advertising signs. Looking for collections large or small. Call 978-939-5053. 504W

UNION Oil and Royal Triton Items wanted: Royal 76 Marine Gasoline sign, outboard oil qts., qt. tins, Royal Triton oil bottles, handy oilers, 4 oz. oil can banks. Terry Kelley, 113 Legend Hollow, Boerne, TX 78006. 830-336-4720 or 704W

TRYING to find the internal parts, motor and pump, for a Wayne 730 clock face pump. Greg Fortin 1-810-695-1237, 704W

STANDARD of Kentucky - Looking for Crown Ethyl 13-1/2" globe or single lens. Call Jeff Taussig (330) 659-9469. 704W

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