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April 2010 - Classified Ads



BRASS gas pump nozzle-1930s? Flex nozzle, hanging hook, embossed “Tokheim” both sides, $150. Rich 574-542-9331. 410W

RARE 1926-1935 original brass “Bell Boy Junior” lighter fluid pump dispenser made by Dayton Pump Co. Looks like original Dayton 500, Serial #857. Very quality workmanship with all brass raised design tags, 11” tall; a true gem and will be the pride of your collection, $1,350. Mike Tyler 406-374-2458. 410W

OIL CAN top mechanical pencils - Phillips 66 orange, black; Kendall Midway Oil Co.; Gulf Smith Oil Service, Rockford, IL; Veedol Milton Oil Co., Milton, WI; Oil “Top” mechanical pencils - Southwest Petroleum Co.; Fort Worth, TX; others, $25 each. Bob Pepping, 205 Dale Ave., McHenry, IL 60050, 815-385-6534 after 6 p.m. 410W

LIST with photos of over 290 items: quarts, banks, bottles, salt & pepper pumps, license plates, $2 post paid! Not listed: NOS license toppers – Marathon with runner, $250, Ford with policeman, $150 plus postage. Separate list and photos of over 110 handy oilers, $1 post paid. Norm Pennie, Box 2960, Sumas, WA 98295, 604-347-5635. 410W

PARTING OUT: Tokheim 39, 300, 452; A.O. Smith L-1, 483; Wayne No. 10, 90, 505, 400, 440, 460; Bennett 766; G&B 86, 101, TM Clockface; Erie No. 70, 129-2; Gilbarco 96, 96-C, 906, 994, 996, 1004, 1006; National A-38, C-38. Send list of parts needed to William Simmons, 3212 Severn Wharf Rd., Hayes, VA 23072. 410W

OIL LUBSTERS $65 each, Merit 32H x 82D x 22W Phillips (2) Model 90-B8 32H x 23D x 10W. Photos on request. Must pick up, very good condition. Call 860-536-1942 or email 410W

“MAE WEST” size glass cylinder - 13 1/2" X 23" $650. Making parts for Ecometer gas pumps. Making globe pedestal for Bowser 300 pump. Greg Fortin 1-810-695-1237. 410W

COLLECTION FOR SALE: Dave & Linda Parr former owners of The Indiana Gas Show and Auction Terre Haute, IN are going to be retiring soon and they are selling their personal collection (400 pieces) gas globes signs pumps coin-op barber shop neon clocks, adv clocks thermometers, etc. Call Dave 812-236-0434. 410W

THREE NEW watercolors for color prints: Skelly/Indiana, Standard, Woco-Pep and Shamrock, makes 25 landscapes. Nearing completion: D-X country store, each heavily researched and hand signed. Entire collection $20 per print benefits Feed the Children 800-627-4556 Haitian rebuilding projects for foreseeable 2010. B&W samples. Michael Shepherd, P.O. Box 471, Fayette, AL 35555, 410W

TACOMA/SEATTLE--just opened antique store in the Tacoma's historic Theater District specializing in original gas/oil/auto collectibles and other antique advertising. Well over 100 original advertising signs, along with many cans,
maps, toys, pumps, and Americana. Broadway's Best Antiques, 742 Broadway,
Tacoma, WA 98402, 253-617-3509. 410W

CHICAGO in your travel plans? For gasoline and oil company items, visit Lincoln Antique Mall, Dealer #200 at 3115 West Irving Park Road, ½ mile east of I-90/94 (773) 604-4700 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. 410W

THE GULFOIL Historical Society is about the preservation of the history, products and friendships that were created by the Gulf Oil Company. Visit our website at to become a member. Send $30 for the first year’s dues payable to GOHS, 2936 Cypress Colony Drive, Toledo, OH 43617. 410W

UNRESTORED and restored pump and drink machines, also signs. Call Miles at 704-791-1438. 410W

PETROLEUM MUSEUM open to the public in Northern Wisconsin between Three Lakes and Eagle River or visit online at See five pages of pictures, over 2700 items! 410W

ALWAYS a large selection of old original porcelain signs. Auto, Gas and Oil, Country Store, etc. Call 978-939-5053. 410W

ALWAYS have gas pumps on hand for sale. Also miscellaneous gas station items. Call for current availability for globes, cans, visible pumps, etc. Just found, really rare, barn fresh gas pumps. Check my website:, C.R. Svendsen, Berthoud, CO, phone 970-532-0612, cell 970-222-3908. 410W



PUMP and sign collection and any rare pumps. Miles Little, 12555 Hwy. 601, Midland, NC 28107, phone 704-791-1438. 410W

GROOVED hanging rings to fit 42", 48", 60" and 72" signs. I am also
looking to buy a MO-JO Dealer sign (the one like pictured on page 35 of the September 09 issue of PCM). Please call David Staglik Taylor, TX 512-627-1657. 410W

PLASTIC FACES and or wall signs wanted: Cities clover/triangle, aluminum, 22” square; Leonard Refineries 1950s or 1960s oval; Indiana Standard Plexiglas oval…but 1950s not 1961-71; tabletop sign with flame light bulb – dealer’s award? (Amoco, Utoco or PanAm also ok); molded winged “A” from Eastern Tydol stations. Michael Shepherd, 205-932-5010 Alabama. 610W

I NEED three #14 Wings of Texaco airplanes. I have #2 and #3 for trade. Bobby Gibbs 731-632-1375, 556 Hillside Dr., Adamsville, TN 38310. 610W

COLLECTOR needs more patches: Whiting Bros., Harbor, Beeline, Sing, Oval-E, DS, Old Dutch, Wood River, Col-Tex, Wides, Welco. Also South Central Oil Co. map. Charles Wells, 6533 Monnett Rd., Climax, NC 27233, 336-674-6254, 410W

STANDARD Oil Crowns - Looking for the more unusual Standard Oil Crowns, Gray, Green, Blue, Orange, Red/Gold Combination, Blue-Solite and others for my personal collection. No junk. Must be nice. Call Tom Ph 800/786-8640, Fax 262/375-8640 (24 Hr) or email with list and prices. Thanks. 610W

WE BUY lots of collections and offer finder fees!!! We need collections right now!!! Looking for a metal frame gas globe that says R.R. Jones-Winston Salem Gas Oils with an early steam train engine pictured. Richfield Gas of Power Ethyl single, Red Hat globes, Imperial Diesel, Sohio globes, Sohio Heat, Sohio Marine, Sohio Motor Oil globe, Vahey Products, Vahey Rid-O Nox, Vahey Oil gas globes from Youngstown, Ohio gas globes, any ripples or empty 15 inch metal frames, round larger Grizzly sign wanted, RED CROWNS IN VERY GOOD CONDITION, GOOD BLUE OR GREEN CROWNS, Purple or Orange Crowns, any Caldwell and Taylor Original Benzol Gas globes or Caldwell and Taylor Original Benzol Gas signs, Benzol globes, Tresler Benzol globe, Roadrunner, any Eldred Gas globe, Crescent Gasoline, Factory Gasoline or Factory Oil Company gas globes or chimney cap gas globes, Atomic Gas, Atomic Gas with bomb and parachute, Dixie Oils Power to Pass Keyhole any color globes, Kanotex Aviation, Aerio 70 or Aerio Gas, any aviation, airplane or aircraft globe, any marine globes, any small 11 or 12 inch metal frame globes, Sinclair Special One Piece, Sinclair Marine White, Sinclair Sinco Oils one piece chimney cap, Sinclair Farm Products, Sinclair Productos with rooster, Sinclair Power Oils one piece, Sinclair Green Gasoline, Diesel Fuel gas globe one piece, ONE PIECE GLOBES, Paragon, Bristolville Oil/Gas Eureka gas globes wanted, Hi Speed Gyro, Hi Speed Gyrol, Hi Speed Ex Carbon, Hi Speed Pocahontas Oil Company, Indian Gasoline Aerolene, Utol Diesel gas globe, Tydol/Flying A SHOEBOX GLOBES, brown, green, blue, orange ripple or any Gill Glass Ripples, Pennzoil, Michigan Maid, Canzol, Canfield Gasoline, globes like Gilmore, Signal or Signal Products, Sunset, Caminol or Beacon, Lighthouse, Polly, Oil Creek, Penn-Drake, Ford Benzol, Michigan Maid gas globe, Harmony gas globe, Ranger gas globe, Independent, Pennzoil, Red Hat, any Smile Oil Company items or Smile Gas Globes, Smile Signs or Smile cans, Refiners with race car, Refiners with airplane, Valvoline, Bolene, Bolene Gasolene, Bolene Gasoline, Ace High globes, Pittman Gasoline or any globe with a lighthouse or beacon on it, Beacon Caminol gas globe, Mammoth Gas globe, Fleetwing Globes, Texaco Gasoline Motor Oils, Texaco Aviation, Tower Gasoline, Oh Boy What a Gas globe, Unity Oil Company, Ben Franklin, Speedway Gas and Oils, Speedway, Dixie Knox Out, Dixie Benzol, Dixie Power To Pass, any chimney cap one piece etched, Air globes, any Beer globe, Baltimore Beer globes and green frames or globes, ice cream globes with green ripples, textured colored frames or any ice cream globes. We also buy old trains like Lionel pre-war, early train signs and semaphores, old cigarette lighter dispensers that look like gas pumps, wanted Syrup Dispensers like Grape Julep, Jake-A-Loo Cherry, Reddy Chocolate Syrup, Cleveland Root Beer, Birchola, Dixie Flip, Fowlers, Ironport, Grape Fruitola, Liberty, Cleveland Buckeye Root Beer, Cherry Smash, 5 Cents..., Orange Crush, Lemon Crush, Lime Crush, Jim Dandy Syrup, Orange Julep, etc. Very nice complete wooden phone booth wanted. And we are always looking to buy gas globe collections, small groups or just one gas globe or sign. We offer finder fees!!! Scott Benjamin 440-355-6608 9-8 EST. 410W

SPECIAL free color pictures and list, 200 quart cans, including good picture cans, 50+ signs, also Smith Miller Mobil Gas tanker, $395; Norse sign, 15”x30”, $295. Free shipping, trades considered. 415-479-3871 or 707-433-6158 or send LSSE to Mark Larner, 712 Appleberry Dr., San Rafael, CA 94903. 410W

OVAL GLOBES: Looking for VAHEY and INSTANT ovals on glass bodies; HX, Star Fire and any Erickson Capco ovals. Still looking for Dixie Gas keyhole globe. Best prices paid or will trade. Call Wes Holliday – daytime 800-788-3969 or e-mail photos to 410W

LOOKING for gas pump salt pepper shakers. Will pay top dollar! Visit my website for my collection of shakers at, John Jarvis, 8418 Rose Lane, Wadesville, IN 47638, 812/985-2996. 410W

ABSOLUTELY highest cash prices paid for old porcelain enamel advertising signs. Looking for collections large or small. Call 978-939-5053. 410W

JOHNSON Oil Company items wanted. Anything from “giveaways” and paper to globes, signs and pumps. Chicago based company used the names Brilliant Bronze, Joreco, Winged 70 and Johnson Time Tells Gasoline. Top dollar paid. Will also trade. Call Jeff Johnson @ 678-859-6478 or e-mail 410W

KELLY Springfield signs – what do you have? Please contact Milnor Roberts 301-663-6421 Eastern time, 410W

LICENSE PLATES: Older non-USA plates wanted. Any condition. Let me know what you have. If I can't use it, I can probably find someone else who could use it. Thanks. Dick Parker, One Old Mill Road, Greenwich, CT 06830 - 410W

BILLUPS items wanted! Any signs, globes, cans, wagons, toys. I am very interested. Please call Dwain Tycer at 985-542-8445 days or 985-345-3472 nights EST or write P.O. Box 159 Natalbany, LA 70451. 410W



HOPE to trade following signs for signs under “Wanted”: Printed tin: Shell gasoline pricing sign; Nesbitt’s Orange, Sterling Beer, “Bama Feeds” thermometer, RC Cola (1960s), Delview Quality Chek’d Dairy…all with some rust. Plus Coca-Cola scratched aluminum and Texaco Honors these Cards, 1980s. Trades List/ Wants List. Michael Shepherd 205-932-5010, Alabama. 410W

RECENT ACQUISITIONS: Two Gulf Dieselube gallon cans, 1953-63; disc alongside gallon and quart cans offered; current Gulf disc, Union 76, KY, Standard, Texaco, Pure Oil, Prestone, Zerone and Indiana Standard/Pan-Am are included. Detailed descriptions including other collectibles also! Trades List/ Wants List available, free. Michael Shepherd, 205-932-5010; (Alabama). 410W

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