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GLOBES: White Flyer on Gill body; Tower Gasoline on wide body glass; Bonded Ethyl on wide body glass; United JJ on narrow body glass; Rock Island w/"rock", dark red & yellow on original yellow Capco; Rock Island Rockilene on original Capco; Rock Island Anti-knock on 15" low profile metal body. Dick Doumanian; 1-888-660-5263. 409W

PHILLIPS 66 embossed oil bottle - a rare one in excellent condition. Still figuring a price, but please contact me for info and photos. John. 715-341-6188. (Wisconsin). 409W

OLD Globe collector selling some special pieces: Mobile Gasoline (with race car) single lens, Fyre-Drop on metal, Power Flight Gasoline (shows missile) on glass, Fleet Wing Ethyl on red hull, Wadhams Ethyl on metal, Hiotane on Capco, Ace High Gasoline on Gill, Cities Service Koolmotor High Test on metal, Sinclair one-piece etched. 18 globes in all. Call or email for list, photos, and prices. Thanks! John, 715-341-6188. (Wisconsin). 409W

CLOCK-FACE Pumps. Penometer R-2 clock-face, barn fresh and complete with original paint $7,500. Bowser 300 pumpkin head clock-face, rare hand-crank version with repro globe tower $7500, National Simplex, clean & original, complete and functioning pump, $6000. Tokheim 850 barn fresh, clean & complete, $2000. All prices are firm, will hold for pickup, or I can ship anywhere in the world. See pics at or email Lance at 409W

EN-AR-CO Motor Oil square oil can tin bank, 4” high, 3” square, little boy holding slate, very good condition, $55. Other oil company banks; En-Ar-Co die-cut little boy holding slate cardboard thermometer, 7” tall, nice, $42. Bob Pepping, 205 Dale Ave., McHenry, IL 60050, 815-385-6534 after 6 p.m. 409W

PARTING OUT: Gilbarco 906, 96, 96-C, 994, 996, 1004, 1006; A.O. Smith L-1, 483; National A-38, C-38; Wayne No. 10, 90, 505, 400 series; G&B 86, 101, T.M. clock-face; Tokheim 39, 300, 452; Erie No. 70, 129-2; Bennett 766. Send list of parts needed. William Simmons, 3212 Severn Wharf Road, Hayes, VA 23072. 409W

SINCLAIR Lighter Fluid 4 ounce oval green, white, $33; Hold Tight tube patch kit, cowboy on bucking horse, $30; Huffman and Marquette Oil bottles, $70 each; Farm Service 10 lb. grease pail, pictures barn, etc., $33. Bob Pepping, 205 Dale Ave., McHenry, IL 60050, 815-385-6534 after 6 p.m. 409W

THREE-COMPARTMENT tanker for TT, AA, similar era truck with rear storage compartment, counter dial, mounting saddles, $850. Call 715-720-1574, Larry Michaud, 20305 75th Ave., Chippewa Falls, WI 54729. 409W

LIST with photos – over 290 items: cans, banks, license plates, oil bottles, $20 post paid! Not listed: Maytag 2 oz. oval lead spout household oil, very good, $45; Gilmore 1939 map, $50; plus postage. Separate list and photos of over 110 handy oilers, $1 post paid. Norm Pennie, Box 2960, Sumas, WA 98295, ph. 604-437-5635. 409W

MANY air meters and service station items at Spring Carlisle – Spaces NK-1 and 2. Have four G&B #66 round and two square pumps, fair condition, $1,200 for six. Also one Wayne 866 in nice, unrestored condition, $1,800. Pumps must be picked up in Verona, NY 13978. Thank you Bradley Grabow, 315-363-0932. 609W

TEXACO collectibles – all new in original boxes, bank planes with keys (21) #1, $75 each; (22) #2, $50 each; (10) #3, $40 each; (20) #5, $40 each; Ertl bank trucks and cars with keys: (1) #2 Mack tanker, $150; (1) #3 1932 Ford panel, $100; (1) #4 1905 Ford delivery truck, $60; (1) #5 1918 Ford Runabout, $40; (1) #6 1925 Mack truck, $40; (1) #7 Diamond T $30; (2) #10 Dodge Airflow, $25 each; (11) #11 Doodle Bugs, $25 each; (1) #12 Mack tanker, $25; (1) #13 White Tilt Cab, $25; (1) #14 Maxwell car, $25; (1) #1 ceramic service station, $150; (2) Getty 1 quart oil can banks, $40 each; (2) #5 fire trucks, $50 each; (1) 83-84 tanker truck, $50; (1) Ford cab-over racing trailer, 1983 Indy winner, $50; (2) Ertl 1929 International truck, limited edition, black with key, $100 each; (36) 1993 Davey Allison 1/24 scale banks with keys, $150 each; (8) 1994 Robert Yates banks, $65 each; all plus S&H Volume discounts available. Contact Richard Pfleger at 780-96703007 or email 609W

PETROLEUM MUSEUM open to the public in Northern Wisconsin between Three Lakes and Eagle River or visit online at See five pages of pictures, over 2700 items! 409W

THIRTY original restored gas pumps, 1930s, ‘40s, ‘50s – all makes – Tokheim, Bennett, Wayne, Bowser – oil lubesters, oil bottles, Bowser 585 Siamese Twin 22C computing pump with extended width. Starting at $895 and up. Call Ron anytime at 608-987-2606, Mineral Point, WI. 409W

LICENSE Plate attachments with advertising from Cross Plains, WI, Reflectorize, $48; from Paw Paw, IL, Aluminum, $65; from LaCrosse, WI, The Nation’s Playground with pictures, advertising, $125. All in excellent condition. Early plate fastening reflectors, $20. Bob Pepping, 205 Dale Ave., McHenry, IL 60050, 815-385-6534 after 6 p.m. 409W

ALWAYS a large selection of old original porcelain signs. Auto, Gas and Oil, Country Store, etc. Call 978-939-5053. 409W

1950 Richfield gas station training films in color. “Hook Line & Sinker” (21 minutes) “The Big Game Hunt” (18 minutes). Both contrast the fine points of fishing and hunting to the fine points of good Dealer Operation. Both on one DVD, $9.99 includes S&H, USA and Canada orders ONLY. (Note: may not play on some older DVD players). Tesscar, PO Box 333, Scappoose, OR 97056. To view film clips, visit 409W

ALWAYS have gas pumps on hand for sale. Also miscellaneous gas station items. Call for current availability for globes, cans, visible pumps, etc., C.R. Svendsen, Berthoud, CO, phone 970-532-0612. 409W


KENDALL one quart oil cans made before 1946, must be in very good or better condition. Bob Byledbal, 145 Stepping Stone Lane, Orchard Park, NY 14127, work 716-649-5640. 409W
PANELS and bottom seztron for “Amoco/Standard As You Travel Ask Us” sign. I would consider purchasing a complete sign. I will also buy 1960s-70s Plymouth or Dodge signs. Also, any 1960s oil, gas or auto related signs. John 215-822-8802, 409W
WE BUY lots of collections and offer finder fees and are in need collections right now!!! Looking for a metal frame globe that says R.R. Jones-Winston Salem Gas Oils with an early steam train engine pictured. We need a DS one piece rectangular globe, Richfield Gas of Power Ethyl single, Red Hat globes, Imperial Diesel, any ripples or empty 15 inch metal frames. Also, we have a buyer for a larger round Grizzly sign. The sign is tin and large 48, 60 or 72 inch. If you know of one, let us know-we can pay good money for one!!! Other GAS GLOBES WANTED RIGHT NOW ARE RED CROWNS IN VERY GOOD CONDITION, GOOD BLUE OR GREEN CROWNS, Purple or Orange Crowns, any Caldwell and Taylor Original Benzol Gas globes or Caldwell and Taylor Original Benzol Gas signs, Benzol globes, Tresler Benzol globe, Roadrunner, any Eldred Gas globe, Dixie Oils Power to Pass Keyhole any color globes, Kanotex Aviation, Aerio 70 or Aerio Gas, any aviation, airplane or aircraft globe, any marine globes, any small 11 inch metal frame globes, Sinclair Special One Piece, Sinclair Marine White, Sinclair Sinco Oils one piece chimney cap, Sinclair Farm Products, Sinclair Producto with rooster, Sinclair Power Oils one piece, Sinclair Green Gasoline, ONE PIECE GLOBES, Paragon, Bristolville Oil/Gas Eureka gas globes wanted, Tydol/Flying A SHOEBOX GLOBES, brown, green, blue, orange ripple or any Gill Glass Ripples, globes like Gilmore, Signal or Signal Products, Sunset, Beacon, Lighthouse, Polly, Oil Creek, Penn-Drake, Independent, Pennzoil, Red Hat, Refiners with race car, Valvoline, Bolene, Ace High globes, Pittman Gasoline or any globe with a lighthouse or beacon on it, any chimney cap one piece etched, Air globes, any Beer globe or globes, Amoco single 12.5 inch. We also buy old trains like Lionel pre-war, early train signs and semaphores, old cigarette lighter dispensers that look like gas pumps, etc. And we are always looking to buy gas globe collections, small groups or just one gas globe or sign. We offer finder fees!!! Scott Benjamin 440-355-6608 9-8 EST. 409W

STANDARD Oil Crowns - Looking for the more unusual Standard Oil Crowns, Gray, Green, Blue, Orange, Red/Gold Combination, Blue-Solite and others for my personal collection. No junk. Must be nice. Call Tom Ph 800/786-8640, Fax 262/375-8640 (24 Hr) or email with list and prices. Thanks. 409W

SPECIAL free color pictures and list, 200 quart cans, including good picture cans, 50+ signs, also Smith Miller Mobil Gas tanker, $395; Norse sign, 15”x30”, $295. Free shipping, trades considered. 415-479-3871 or 707-433-6158 or send LSSE to Mark Larner, 712 Appleberry Dr., San Rafael, CA 94903. P

OVAL GLOBES: Looking for VAHEY and INSTANT ovals on glass bodies; HX, Star Fire and any Erickson Capco ovals. Still looking for Dixie Gas keyhole globe. Best prices paid or will trade. Call Wes Holliday – daytime 800-788-3969 or e-mail photos to 409W
LOOKING for gas pump salt pepper shakers. Will pay top dollar! Visit my website for my collection of shakers at, John Jarvis, 8418 Rose Lane, Wadesville, IN 47638, 812/985-2996. 409W

ABSOLUTELY highest cash prices paid for old porcelain enamel advertising signs. Looking for collections large or small. Call 978-939-5053. 409W

JOHNSON Oil Company items wanted. Anything from “giveaways” and paper to globes, signs and pumps. Chicago based company used the names Brilliant Bronze, Joreco, Winged 70 and Johnson Time Tells Gasoline. Top dollar paid. Will also trade. Call Jeff Johnson @ 678-859-6478 or e-mail 409W

INTERESTED in buying a Wayne 56 display pump. Would also be interested in a Wayne 50, 55 or Tokheim Display Pumps. Steve Lynch 2401 Laurel Dr. Burley, Idaho 83318 or 208-678-1201 evenings MST or email 409W

I NEED some sheet metal parts, etc. for my ERIE 753 gas pump. If you are parting one out, please let me know. Call or write Steve Lynch 2401 Laurel Dr., Burley, Idaho 83318 or 208-678-1201 evenings MST or e-mail 409W

KELLY Springfield signs – what do you have? Please contact Milnor Roberts 301-663-6421 Eastern time, 409W

LICENSE PLATES: Older non-USA plates wanted. Any condition. Let me know what you have. If I can't use it, I can probably find someone else who could use it. Thanks. Dick Parker, One Old Mill Road, Greenwich, CT 06830 - 409W

BILLUPS items wanted! Any signs, globes, cans, wagons, toys. I am very interested. Please call Dwain Tycer at 985-542-8445 days or 985-345-3472 nights EST or write P.O. Box 159 Natalbany, LA 70451. 409W


LARGE upright slot machines wanted like Mills Dewey/Chicago or any Caille Model from around the turn of the century. Single and doubles unit machines wanted. Finder’s fee paid! Send pictures/condition & price to: Steve Lynch 2401 Laurel Dr. Burley, Idaho 83318 or 208-678-1201 evenings MST or email 409W

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