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November 2008 - One More Classified Ad

Wanted Items

Here is where I'll post what we are looking for right now.
Keep in mind we buy lots of collections and offer finder fees!!!
We need collections right now!!!
Looking for a metal frame globe that says R.R. Jones-Winston Salem Gas Oils with an early steam train engine pictured. We need a DS one piece rectangular globe, Richfield Gas of Power Ethyl single, Red Hat globes, Imperial Diesel, any ripples or empty 15 inch metal frames. Also I have a buyer for a larger round Grizzly sign. The sign is tin and large 48, 60 or 72 inch. If you know of one let me know-we can pay good money for one!!!

Other GAS GLOBES WANTED RIGHT NOW ARE RED CROWNS IN VERY GOOD CONDITION, GOOD BLUE OR GREEN CROWNS, Purple or Orange Crowns, any Caldwell and Taylor Original Benzol Gas globes or Caldwell and Taylor Original Benzol Gas signs, Benzol globes, Tresler Benzol globe, Roadrunner, any Eldred Gas Globe, Dixie Oils Power To Pass Keyhole any color globes, Kanotex Aviation, Aerio 70 or Aerio Gas, any aviation, airplane or aircraft globe, any marine globes, any small 11 inch metal frame globes, Sinclair Special One Piece, Sinclair Marine White, Sinclair Sinco Oils one piece chimney cap, Sinclair Farm Products, Sinclair Producto with rooster, Sinclair Power Oils one piece, Sinclair Green Gasoline, ONE PIECE GLOBES, Paragon globes, Bristolville Oil/Gas Eureka Gas globe wanted, Tydol/Flying A SHOEBOX GLOBES, brown, green, blue, orange ripple or any Gill Glass Ripples, globes like Gilmore, Signal or Signal Products, Sunset, Beacon, Lighthouse, Polly, Oil Creek, Penn-Drake, Independent, Pennzoil, Red Hat, Refiners with race car, Valvoline, Bolene, Ace High globes, Pittman Gasoline or any globe with a lighthouse or beacon on it, any chimney cap one piece ethced, Air Globes, any Beer globe or globes, Amoco single 12.5 inch.
We also buy old trains like Lionel pre-war, early train signs and semaphores, old Cigarette lighter dispensers that look like gas pumps, etc.

And I'm always looking to buy gas globe collections, small groups or just one gas globe or sign. We offer finder fees!!! Scott Benjamin 440-355-6608 9-8 EST.

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