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1/4 size visible gas pump - done as a Richfield Pump. It is 69" high to the top of the globe. It has gallon markers on the cylinder which is plastic, a brass nozzle and a hose that goes into the pump. There are no insides to the pump. It is strictly for display, done in yellow and blue. The globe on top is a white milk glass with what look like a decal on it, it looks very nice. Everything on the pump itself is metal, the base is cast like the real one's, sheet metal sides and top. It is set up to plug in and the globe lights. I think this is Pick Up item only unless you have a lot of $$ for shipping this would have to be crated. I am asking $850.00 for this little gem. I live on the central coast of Calif. Santa Maria, 93458 Phone 805-922-2161 or if you want pics email at 1207

BEAUTIFULLY restored 5 gallon Wayne visible pump. Correct Measure clockface pump with cast iron head. Reproduction cast iron globe holding stack for Bowser 300 "Pumpkin Head" pump.UNRESTORED French "GEX" gasoline pump. Older style 9 wheel computers; older style 6 wheel Veeder Root computers; boxes of wheels for Veeder Root computers. Making parts for Canadian EcoMeter clock-face pump. Let me know what you need. Greg Fortin 1-810-695-1237 call 7 to 11 PM, M-F, EST or anytime weekends. Email Thanks. Greg Fortin 5052 Green Meadows Dr. Grand Blanc, MI 48430 1-810-695-1237. 1207


CAST iron Wayne visible pump handle. Roman parts. Greg Fortin 1-810-695-1237 208

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