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February 2007 - Classified Ads



SELLING over 150 signs – no high end – some display racks, three restored pumps, cans, bottles, etc. Bob 518-293-8375 or 207W

PUMPS for sale: Bennett 541, 2 ad glass, $750; Bennett 541, 4 ad glass, $850; Tokheim 300, $350; 2 short Tokheims, both 4 ad glass, $425 each or $650 for the pair; Mobilgas script top, $1250. Also 4 Bennett 966s, $400 each; Wayne 100-A, $350; M&S 80, $400. 207W

PETROLIANA – The First Book. A stunning pictorial representation of British and European pumps, globes and enamel signs. 120 foolscap pages in full color, hard back bound, now available in limited quantity, $54 plus $20 airmail delivery for a total of $74. Order using credit card at, e-mail P

LIST with photos over 260 items: cans, banks, bottles, etc., $2 post paid. Not listed: Veeco Windshield Cleaner, v/g $15; Chevron Pint A-T-F metal can, full, $15; V-W 12oz. brake fluid cone top, $25, plus postage. Separate list and photos of over 100 handy oilers, $1 post paid. Norm Pennie, P.O. Box 2960, Sumas, WA 98295, 604-437-5635. 207W

PARTING out: Gilbarco 96-B, 96-C, 994, 996, 1004, 1006; Bennett 766; National A-38, C-38; Tokheim 39, 300, 452; Erie No. 70, 129-2; Wayne No. 10, 90, 505, 400 series; G&B 86, 101, TM Clockface; A.O. Smith L-1, 483. Send list of parts needed. William Simmons, 3212 Severn Wharf Rd., Hayes, VA 23072. 207W

TOKHEIM 850 top skins go around clock unit, new metal fixed nice; Bower 97 pump for sale; Sinclair HC 48” sign with hanger, excellent; Wayne 519, needs work, $700; Shell clam globe, nice original, $550. Jerry Keller, Ottawa Lake, MI, 419-343-9385. 207W

UNRESTORED pumps – Wayne 60 and Tokheim 36B, $1,500 each or both for $2,800; two Gulf chrome tops, $500 each; Eco pedestal air meter with brass spigot water adapter and light kit, restored, $950; Sohio porcelain pump, $1,000; Bennett 541 with four ad glass panels, $900. Call 330-343-6883. 207W

HAVE unrestored Roman gas pump for sale or trade. Unrestored gas pumps for sale: Tokheim 850, Wayne 861, Correct Measure clockface pump with cast iron head. Reproduction cast iron globe holding stack for Bowser 300 "Pumpkin Head" pump. UNRESTORED French "GEX" gasoline pump. Older style 9 wheel computers; older style 6 wheel Veeder Root computers; boxes of wheels for Veeder Root computers. Making parts for Canadian EcoMeter clock-face pump. Let me know what you need. Greg Fortin 1-810-695-1237 call 7 to 11 PM, M-F, EST or anytime weekends. Email 207W

ALWAYS a large selection of old original porcelain signs. Auto, Gas and Oil, Country Store, etc. Call 978-939-5053. 207W

1950 Richfield gas station training films in color. “Hook Line & Sinker” (21
minutes) “The Big Game Hunt” (18 minutes). Both contrast the fine points of
fishing and hunting to the fine points of good Dealer Operation. Both on one
DVD, $9.99 includes S&H, USA and Canada orders ONLY. (Note: may not play on some older DVD players). Tesscar, PO Box 333, Scappoose, OR 97056. To view film clips, visit 207W

ALWAYS have gas pumps on hand for sale. Also miscellaneous gas station items., C.R. Svendsen, Berthoud, CO, phone 970-532-0612. 207W


LICENSE toppers: Giant Power, Conoco, Texaco, Cities, Sinclair, Rio Grande, Gulf. Paste Wax: Sunoco, Gilmore, Pure, Cities, Skelly, Sinclair, Richfield, Texaco. Doorease Sticks: Richfield, Sinclair, Union 76. Lighters: Gulf, Home, Conoco, Irving, Pennzoil, Seaside, Hancock, Kendall, Archer. Outboard Oil: Evenrude, Zephyr, Shamrock, Pate, Bluebay. Norm Pennie, Box 2960, Sumas WA 98295, 604, 437-5635. 207W

I NEED manifold for Wayne 100 that hold sight glass. Thanks, Bob. 269-623-8860, Delton, MI, 207W

SHAKERS paying top dollar for gas pump salt pepper shakers. Also looking for Platolene 500 single lens and Hoosier Pete oil cans. Check out for list of shakers needed. John Jarvis 812-985-2996 leave message if no answer. 707

HELP! Need to find an Este globe or face lens; also looking for blue plastic AMOCO letters.
Ray Estes 918-357-1204 or email P

ABSOLUTELY highest cash prices paid for old porcelain enamel advertising signs. Looking for collections large or small. Call 978-939-5053. 207W

JOHNSON Oil Company items wanted. Anything from “giveaways” and paper to globes, signs and pumps. Chicago based company used the names Brilliant Bronze, Joreco, Winged 70 and Johnson Time Tells Gasoline. Top dollar paid. Will also trade. Call Jeff Johnson @770-683-1972 or e-mail 207W

TWO Pure maps – 1930s Southeastern states, one compliments of Sherrill Oil Co., one compliments of Shaw Bros. Oil Co. Charles Wells, 6533 Monnett Rd., Climax, NC 27223, 336-674-6254. 207W

INTERESTED in buying a Wayne 56 display pump. Would also be interested in a Wayne 50, 55 or Tokheim Display Pumps. Steve Lynch 2401 Laurel Dr. Burley, Idaho 83318 or 208-678-1201 evenings MST or email 207W

I NEED some sheet metal parts, etc. for my ERIE 753 gas pump. If you are Parting one out, please let me know. Call or write Steve Lynch 2401 Laurel Dr. Burley, Idaho 83318 or 208-678-1201 evenings MST or email 207W

KELLY Springfield signs – what do you have? Please contact Milnor Roberts 301-663-6421 Eastern time, 207W

LICENSE PLATES: Older non-USA plates wanted. Any condition. Let me know what you have. If I can't use it, I can probably find someone else who could use it. Thanks. Dick Parker, One Old Mill Road, Greenwich, CT 06830 - 207W

BILLUPS items wanted! Any signs, globes, cans, wagons, toys. I am very interested. Please call Dwain Tycer at 985-542-8445 days or 985-345-3472 nights EST or write P.O. Box 159 Natalbany, LA 70451. 207W


LARGE upright slot machines wanted like Mills Dewey/Chicago or any
Caille Model from around the turn of the century. Single and doubles
unit machines wanted!!!!!!!!! Send pictures/condition & price to: Steve
Lynch 2401 Laurel Dr. Burley, Idaho 83318 or 208-678-1201 evenings MST
or email 207W

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