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March 2005 - Let's Talk Pumps #30 by Scott Anderson


Hello again to all PCM readers. It’s hard to believe that March is already here and that the Spring Petroliana shows and auto swap meets are just around the corner.

We recently returned home from the Barrett-Jackson Classic Auto Auction/Show in Scottsdale, Arizona and the Zephyrhills Auto Auction and Flea Market in Zephyrhills, Florida. Judging from the selling prices of restored gasoline pumps at these two shows, I would say that the antique gasoline pump market is off to a great start in 2005!

I received an e-mail last month from a customer named Joe in California. Joe was restoring a matching pair of Circa 1936 Wayne Model #60 gas pumps and he wanted to know if restoring them as “showcase” pumps would be appropriate and/or desirable. He further explained to me that his pumps were the “hinged” door versions of the Wayne Model #60 computing pump and that his original hinged doors were in bad shape. Specifically, Joe wanted to know if restoring his Wayne Model #60 pumps as Wayne #60-S showcase pumps would help or hurt the value of his finished pumps.

After considering his question, I advised Joe that converting his basic computer pumps to showcase versions would probably increase their value on the current restored antique gasoline pump market. Just as the “showcase” idea revolutionized the gasoline pump industry between 1934 and 1939, I also think that the showcase conversion concept will grow in popularity with today’s gasoline pump collectors. Those pump restorers and collectors that are sticklers for originality will probably not make these conversions, but for those collectors who want to enhance the beauty and utility of their Wayne Model #60 pumps, the showcase conversion is a great alternative, and can be done for less than $500.00.

Additionally, I explained to Joe that the Wayne Model #60-S showcase computing pump featured a roomy display cabinet that measure 22 ˝” high, 14 ˝” wide and 18 ˝” deep. This feature allows for the display of petroliana collectibles such as oil cans, model cars, car waxes, spark plugs, motometers, road maps, etc. This large display area is made possible because of the compactness of the Wayne centrifugal pump mechanism. I also explained to Joe that he could always reverse his showcase conversion down the road if he changed his mind. Fortunately, all of the restoration parts necessary to complete a showcase conversion are available in the current antique gasoline pump, parts market place.

In addition to the showcase conversion concept, it is also possible to convert a Wayne Model #60 computing pump into a Wayne Model #866 clockface meter pump. This is a great alternative if your Wayne Model #60 pump is missing its original computer register or if the existing computer register is in very poor condition. Lets face it, the only way to make the “World’s Most Beautiful Pump” more beautiful, is to restore it as a clockface showcase pump.

As a final note, I should mention that it is much easier to convert a Wayne Model #60 pump to a showcase version if the pump in question is a hinged door model. The non-hinged door version that utilizes turnbuckle, spring, tabs can also be converted to a showcase version, but there would be additional labor involved for this conversion.

Thanks for a great question Joe, and good luck with your Wayne Model #60 restoration project. Regardless of which way you go – your pump should soar in value over the next few years.

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