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Repro Alert - October 2001

We have included photos here, taken by one of our readers, at the Street Rod Nationals
in Kentucky last month. This same vendor was selling at the Canfield and Randolph
shows here in Ohio this summer. These signs pictured here are all phony, single sided and
about 25.5 inches in diameter. We understand that they were being sold as old signs. The
signs were purposely doctored to look old by being placed by a fire. Remember, few signs
were this size as most originals are 20 inch, 24 inch or 30 inch and double sided.
Also included here is a photo of one of the many dozens of “car globes” made in the
early 1970s. None of these globes were dated and very, very few original car globes exist
today. The reason why I included this photo is that when this one was made, the colors
were messed up. Actually, this globe should have a blue background as most of the
correct repros were made that way but a few got out with the colors wrong. Thus, this
particular globe causes interest and confusion and I’ve seen it being sold as a rare original
globe. It is still a repro. Again, pick up one the many catalogues offering pump parts or
repro globes or view our globe books to find a complete list of all the undated “car
globes”. There are a few original car globes out there. I have never seen an original three
piece glass car globe. They may exist. If you have one let me know. Keep in mind many
car dealerships back in the early 1970s bought these globes, which are now 30 years old,
and these are being “found” today. I hear of these stories and then see these globes and
yes, all are phony! Original car globes are metal frame or one piece etched. The reason
for this is simple. By the 1930s and 1940s globes used as general advertising were being
phased out. This is why the metals and one piece, dating from the 1920s, are the only
ones being found. Ford Sales and Service, one piece etched, Paige one piece etched and
Plymouth 16.5 inch metal are a few of the known originals. There are not many more.
Again, if you have one, send us a photo or let us know.
Watch out for Esso Ethyl Logo globes, any version, in 15 inch metal. As far as I know
originals are 16.5 inch only. These are Canadian globes. This goes for Imperial of Canada
too. Also the repros do not have the alignment notch down at the bottom inside of the
insert. A friend of mind bought one of these and I really hate to see people get stuck with
these. Review the books, look at photos, study these repro alerts as I say over and over
each month to better prepare yourself!

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