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Repro Alert - July 2001

Good news this month as I have very little to report. I have not heard of any new globes
being reproduced that are not dated. Not much in signs either but watch the endless series
of tin 30 inch and other sizes of signs being sold on the Internet and other places. Few
companies used 25 inch to 30 round tin/metal signs as most were porcelain. Several 42
inch porcelain signs were made and not dated. Iím not aware of any 48 inch repro signs
ever being done. If anyone has seen a 48 inch porcelain sign repro please let me know so I
can inform our readers.
Remember, any of the ďAirplane Pilot On DutyĒ small porcelain signs, usually 10x14
inch, are phony. Iíve seen Skelly, Phillips 66, Texaco and many, many others. They
picture an early airplane on the bottom of the sign. Iíve seen people pay over $150 for
these many times on the Internet, buying these from sometimes reputable people. The
problem is the people selling these phony signs donít know the sign is phony either! If
you must have one you can buy these from many of the catalog companies who sell in our
magazine and other places. These sell for around $20.
Same warning on the Sinclair Aircraft 12 round porcelain signs. Sinclair used decals like
many companies in those days and Iíve yet to see a real one. Could there be a real one out
there? Yes, but I doubt it. Same goes for the Sinclair H-C 12 inch round and about 75
other 12 inch round signs that you can buy. Iím telling you all the time order these repro
catalogs and spend 20 minutes looking at what they sell. Itís a great education that comes
with a cheap price!

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